I was asked by a friend of mine to write a eulogy for Dr.J.Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, on behalf of her school. As I began to write about her, all i remember was how much i have adored her as an individual and more as a Women. The so called bad side of her political career just vanished from my memory. Thats when it struck me. It is called EPIPHANY! A sudden revelation of something which is a known fact.

I am not a big fan of J’s political life moreover I never had an interest in politics until recently. Though the fact that she is not the best political leader, we the people of Tamilnadu had to chose some repersentative among the two devils and we chose to vote for the lesser of a devil she was. This was the undeniable fact and fate of our political parties. But there was a sudden turmoil in the name of J when she was admitted in Apollo for treatment few months back.

The days rolled into months with no updates of her recovery. And one fine day out of the blue there was an uproar among the media saying J was dead which is followed by the denial of the Apollo chairman and then acknowledging her death by 11.30p.m on 5th December 2016.  following her death there were numerous instances which caught the eyes of the common people which demanded answers.

Though being a citizen of India, I myself was not shocked by the fact that her death was a mystery as I felt that there might be a probability of her falling into such tragic situation. But just like the other commoner the thoughts were washed off and I continued with my life. Even though there was no change with my ideas about her, I had an emotional attachment to her and I empathized her as a single women who was raised by a single mother, who also died at an early age leaving her among the unknown crowd of people who were ready to use her whatever ways they can. With no one to shower love I could sense her loneliness and resentment in life which would have made her to have such a huge transition from an innocent little girl to an IronLady of Tamilnadu.

“Life is the sum of your choices” – as per the sayings of Albert Camus, J.Jayalalitha, an epitome of success, who was destined to be the Iron lady of Tamilnadu made a history today with her own choices. A shy and innocent little girl who was destined to be the face of Tamilnadu with a strong charisma which gave her millions of followers irrespective of their age. Beginning her career as an actress, she fought through many hardships to reach her stance as one of the few best politicians India has ever had. Throughout her political career she has made numerous schemes that benefited all class of people and her effective schemes to the students was considered the most valuable. Breaking the political norms, J. Jayalalitha was the one and only one Chief Minister of an Indian state who was re-elected for the fourth time, which shows her stance in the hearts of the people of Tamilnadu. Being a woman, her achievements are towering to the skies and she has been and will be one of the most loved and respected women of India whose footsteps are followed by millions of women followers. She was a true warrior in the political battle who will be ever known by the people of Tamilnadu as both fierce and a pious personality.

Let her soul rest in peace!!!




How have you been guys? Hope you are healthy and happy!

I have been browsing through my pinterest account when i accidentally stumbled upon a post “32 of the most beautiful English words”. Interesting. I went through those words and found it even more interesting since i was not even aware of the existence of most of the words and some words which i have known had a different meaning altogether. Duh.

This is the link from where i got to check out this post: https://www.buzzfeed.com/danieldalton/bob-ombinate?utm_term=.va44PezxN#.tmBVpjAQR

So I just got the idea of taking those words one at a time and finding some related events to make a story out of it and post it in my blogs in the following days to keep you guys interested. Will that be interesting? Please do leave your comments on this below 🙂

Until then,

Baochi kaixin (Stay Happy)!

First blog post


Yeah! I am learning Mandarin in Singapore. It seems to be quiet an exciting journey to discover the language, tradition and culture of a new country. The mandarin class would be more helpful for me to get along with the people in Singapore as there is a majority of Chinese people. Learning mandarin could be a bit difficult if we do not have any basic knowledge about the language. But my Mandarin teacher seems to be so much helpful in making us understand the language from the basics. Thanks to her, I have come to start a conversation in Mandarin but still cant get on to the next step yet. Hoping to learn it soon 😉

On a funny note, I was telling people that i am learning CHINESE. But my husband correct me that it is not Chinese but Mandarin. Since we don’t say we speak or learn Indian language right? Hmmm that did sound right. But when I enquired my Mandarin teacher about this she explained me that it can be called Chinese language if we are learning all the dialects of the China’s traditional langueages. But since we are only concentrating on the Mandarin version of dialect, which is the one that is most commonly used in the modern China, we should say that it as Mandarin language. 😀

And that’s for the update of what I have been doing in Singapore these days. I don’t think it is of your interest but still i would continue keeping you all updated 😛 And I have planned to write a post for a long time but I just don’t get the idea of what to write. So i am still under the process of exploring WordPress 😀 Guess i’ll get on to the track soon.

Until then,

Baochi kaixin (Stay Happy) 😀


Hello all!!!

This post is all about the place I am currently living in, Singapore, a country that seems to never sleep. It’s been 5 months since I have started living here and every single day I get surprised or shocked with something or the other. Shock haven’t been a bad one till today, which makes my life actually better.

Born in India without Travelling anywhere out of my country, I have always wondered how it would be when living in a country outside India. When I decided to get married to a person in Singapore, my curiosity doubled and tripled even. Would it be good? Would I have the freedom as I have always had? Would I manage to socialise with the civilians there? And lot many questions like these popped up until the day I landed in Changi Airport. I should say, I was quiet anxious about the future days in the country.

But, Singapore helped me to subside my anxiousness in various ways and had me stay put at ease. In the following posts, I would let you guys know what has happened and is happening in my busy lifestyle in the land of Singapore.

Ciao !!!








Hello everyone!


Hope you are doing good!!! So being this as my very first post in this blog, I thought I would let you know about me and my life. But who the hell cares about me and my life? Not me though 😛 In this fast-paced life, I would love to keep things simple and neat for my fellow readers by taking less of their valuable time. Thus, I have decided to greet you all with my story in a nutshell! (I can hear you guys breathing a sigh of relief 😉 )

I am a Pisces woman, born in a small town of South India. After getting two masters degree in India, I am now married for 2 months already and putting my best efforts into my third Masters degree in Singapore.

I am sure this will be more of an information that anyone could ask for. Ciao guys! See you with my next post 🙂